Brandon Buccheri

Image by Max Grubb.

There are a few people who are blessed pretty early in life with a real sense for where they want their life to go. While most of the world around us seems to be in a hunt for a calling I’ve learned to really appreciate somebody with the discipline to commit to something at a young age. When I first met Brandon I was struck by his tenacity and his ethic. We didn’t set out to work together, in fact our friendship started simply as that but it didn’t take long to realize that what we offered each other was a series of doors we couldn’t wait to open. Since that first chat about what it would look like for Brandon to join our company I’ve learned to appreciate so much about the time and love that goes into his filmmaking. You’d be hard pressed to find a guy who cares more about your story, more about your experience, and more about your final reaction to a film that will be played over and over for the rest of your lives together than Brandon. I couldn’t be more proud to open these doors and introduce him as our lead filmmaker and can’t wait for you to have the chance to see what your love story looks like in motion.
— Miles Boyer (Miles Witt Boyer Photographic Collective)

Brandon has been shooting weddings for six years professionally, and along the way has collected dozens of awards for various short films and commercials. Brandon routinely travels the United States and beyond documenting weddings for clients in a cinematic and story driven fashion tailored to the raw emotions and authentic moments that unfold at each unique wedding.

Miles Witt Boyer Films is an extension of Miles Witt Boyer Photographic Collective. MWB Films only accepts a limited number of weddings per year. Inquire now to ensure availability.