It’s a natural place to start. We could spend a lot of time showing off or trying to prove our value to you, or we could simply say that what makes us unique is our sincere passion for capturing and expressing story. Your story. Our films, our client experience, and our relationships with each couple and company we work with is designed around you. Why us? Because we have the awards, and the gear, and the experience, and the reviews, and all of the things that most of the industry would try to tell you proves worth and yet - what we want is to listen to you, instead of talk over you. What we want is to express, not explain. What we want is to observe, interpret, and experience along side our clients in a way that allows them, us, and anybody who views our films the opportunity to be a part of a story that is as unique as the people in it.



Brandon has been shooting weddings professionally since a young age, and along the way has collected dozens of awards for various short films and commercials. Brandon routinely travels the United States and beyond documenting weddings for clients in a cinematic and story driven fashion tailored to the raw emotions and authentic moments that unfold at each unique wedding..



Justin joined our team initially in a supportive role and we quickly realized just how vast his skill set really is. From being a camera operator to helping create a uniquely stylized color pallet to our portfolio Justin has quickly become an integral element in the film’s team. He is at nearly every event these days and will be branching into his own client list in 2019 as an additional lead shooter.


Why You?


It’s the more practical place to go next. As a client what is it that you hope to experience with video? Do you want a moment to moment documentary of your wedding day? In our opinion that’s the photographer’s role. The majority of our industry these days seems to think that video is simply moving photos but the truth is very different. Here’s our two cents : video should make you feel, photos should help you remember. Those are very different things and the reason why a 30 second commercial can be just as powerful as a 2 hour film with the right direction. We aim to make sure that our work integrates the emotionally powerful elements of audio capture, dynamic editing techniques, and perfectly curated color so that you can feel the moments from your wedding day come back to life. All wrapped up in a package that isn’t too short, isn’t too long, and is all about you.